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 Question 1
Will you come to my home to detail my SUV, currently I have to take my SUV to my detailer, drop it off and arrange for a ride home ?

The Car Cosmetics Company is a Mobile Detailer, which means we bring our total services to you, whether at your home or office we detail your vehicle right before your eyes. If you decide you would like to add a carpet shampoo to your list of services we will perform it right there and then.  Also, you won’t be without your vehicle for a day or more, your vehicle NEVER moves.

Question 2
How long will it take to perform a complete detail on my Honda Odyssey mini-van ?

It’s tough to give an exact amount of time it’s takes to perform a detail since each detail is custom specific to your needs. However, a typical basic detail on a fairly well kept mini-van takes approximately 3-4 hours.  Our signature service will add an additional hour to that time.

Question 3
My children spilled juice or something colorful on the carpet can it be removed ?
We us a very good but safe detergent when shampooing fabric seats and carpeting. This detergent is safe and with lots of elbow grease we have been able to remove most stains. 

Question 4
My car has several scratches, can those scratches be removed without a complete detail ?
In most cases a complete exterior detail will be needed. Depending on just how deep the scratches are  the car may need an aggressive compound or polish. This could create an appearance change where the polished section looks significantly better than the rest of the vehicle. In that case, it would be suggested the entire vehicle be polished.

Question 5
I take my SUV to the car wash every other weekend. It looks greate after the worked dry it off, why would I spend $130 when a $20 car wash does such a great job ?

Comparing a car wash to a car detail is like comparing apples and oranges. The purpose of a detail is to restore your vehicle back to original, or better appearance. The second purpose is to apply a protective layer on the exterior (wax, coating or sealant) and on the inside (uv protection ). This requires hours of very detailed attention to every aspect of the vehicle. Now, a car wash on the other hand basically sprays water on your car and wipes or brushes the surface. At the end a group of people with dirty rags all dry your vehicle, maybe a quick vacuum and its all over in 1-2 minutes. No protection, no removing stains, pet hair, dust or dirt. I can also guarantee your vehicle will not look great for long. Detailing is a process carried out by trained experienced technician.

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About US
We have been providing quality Car care since 2015 to the very best customers in Southern New Jersey. I say the best because as a Mobile Detailer we travel to the home or office of our customers to provide our service. The very first time we arrive at their homes is in most cases the very first time we’ve EVER met them. I have been absolutely astounded at the amazing hospitality offered by 90% of those we meet. Since we work outside sometimes in 90 degree weather, I’ve been surprised at those who have offered us everything from bottled water to full blown lunch or dinner. As a New Jersey native this blows me away, this kind of hospitality is supposed to ONLY exist in the south, right ? My son and I are partners in this business so I can’t tell you just how much this means to be treated like this by people who don’t really know you. This helps me prove to him that there is hope for humanity.

My goal in starting this business was to help those who no longer desire to detail their own vehicles, sometimes it’s just to physically demanding, other times working families just no longer have the time to Work, raise a family maintain a home and the small fleet of vehicles a typical NJ family now has. And seeing the face of a Mom with an SUV or mini-van after we have completely detailed it’s interior is almost reward enough !!

Helping The Community
Since we have been providing our services we have found that sometime we need help delivering our services when the demand is to much for the two of us to handle. In those times we have turned to the local community and hired those who have a passion for cars (like us) and a desire to supplement their family income. This has also been a surprise to us just how much that additional income has helped those members of our community who join us. Finding this out makes us aware that southern new jersey really thrives on the need for more small and medium businesses to offer opportunities for our families, so we do everything we can to offer that help by hiring from within the community whenever possible.

Charitable Contributions
Most Americans have charities they like to support. The Car Cosmetics Mobile Detailing Company is no different.
We contribute a portion of every sale to our favorite charities as well. Though our favorite charities may not be the same as yours we appreciate you taking into consideration that when you hire us to detail your vehicle you are helping organizations that sacrifice blood, sweat and tears to help those that are in many cases just less fortunate. So, please keep this is mind, and please factor it in as you shop for someone to detail your vehicles, especially if all else being equal if it comes down to a difference of a few dollars.

If you are not currently a customer of ours, I sincerely hope that you consider becoming one. We treat our customers with the utmost respect and the very best in quality service. We often upgrade our customer detail packages where we see a need for it at NO extra charge. I don’t say this to brag, but to point out that business doesn’t have to always be just about the profit, sometime you encounter those who need a service you can provide, but may not always have the good fortune to be able to include them in the service purchase. We especially see this sometime with single moms, Disabled Vets, Seniors or young people on a tight budget who we always offer discount services to.

Simple Observations
As a Disclaimer I must start by saying we ARE NOT Mechanics in any form, and CAN NOT offer professional advice of any kind to our customers. With that said Detailing a car requires that we clean just about every aspect of our customers vehicle. From time to time we observe and notice tings such as Tires low on air pressure, Locking lug nuts that many customers are unaware of, leaking batteries, low tire tread etc…. We we do notice these things as a courtesy we will bring them to our customer attention to be looked at by a professional.

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