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Typical automated car Wash. The vehicle goes into the front door and exits from the rear door cleaner then it entered

Pros and Cons

Car washing

Pros and cons of an automated car wash

Car washes are basically a “maintenance function. Their primary purpose is not to make your car or SUV look great, but to remove loose dirt and grime which accumulates during normal operation. Obviously this is a much needed in order to keep your vehicles paint in good condition.

The car wash removes contaminants such as dirt, tree sap (sometime), Bird poop, pollutants in the air like sut,brake dust and smoke from other vehicles.

Unfortunately the results of a singular car wash are very very short lived. Though the water pressure does remove whatever it can, some of the more stubborn contaminents will remain even after the wash. In addition, the automated car wash itself can do damage itself. There are 3 types of automated car washes:

  • Brushes
  • Brushless
  • Do it yourself

In each case damage to your vehicles paint is probable, (not possible) once the material that helps remove stuborn contaminents from the paint come into contact with your vehicle. 

The High speed
brushes for instance, can easily create scratches and swirl marks.They spin at a Hi speed and obviously contain crap they just removed from the 10 vehicle in front of you that also came through the assembly line.

The Brushless
uses hanging rags with just kind of shake as you drive through. These have the same issue, the off road jeep that passed through just prior to you was filled with Mud, dirt, stones etc. do you think that stuff just dissappeared and went away ? Maybe a portion washed away but all it takes are a few pieces of rocks, stones or grit to destroy your cars paint surface.

The Do it yourself or the DIY Self-Wash
Typically has a foaming brush on hand, you use it to brush the sides and top of your vehicle. I don’t even want to get started on the foaming brush!! almost every DIY car wash I’ve walked into this brush is lying on the ground, still foaming. On the ground are stones and dirt from the prior vehicle that came through. If you now pick that brush up and use it on your car, you may as well KEY your own car !! NEVER use the foaming brush, ONLY the water sprayer, and soft microfiber towels you bring with you.

Also, there is typically a wax option, it has been measured that the actual wax content coming out of these things is so low, it’s almost non-existent, in other words, a total waste of money.

Last, but not least, if you own any type of vehicle like a lifted truck, you can NOT go through most automated car washes, why, the tires are too large to fit into the guidance tracks. So you are typically forced to the Do It Yourself car wash, the one with the foaming brush !!

So, before your take your new $30,000 vehicle through the assembly line car wash, think twice. This is why so many detailers put an emphasis on the fact that they hand wash your car.  Now of course you could handwash your own vehicle. But who has the time to do that every weekend.

Detailing is a manual process and NOT automated in anyway. Almost the entire process is performed by hand

Pro’s and Con’s
Car Detailing
Pro’s and Con’s
Lets begin with what exactly is “Detailing” 

Just as a Car wash is a maintenance function, and is meant to keep the cars paint free of dirt, grime and other contaminents the vehicle typically only looks good  for a day or two, then the vehicle settles back into what it resembled the days prior. With that said, the $7-$35 you just spent for a car wash and vacuum is an end product. However, with “Car Detailing” a car wash is actually the beginning, not the end of the process. In essence, Auto Detailing is a “Restorative” process. It is meant to remove weeks, month’s and sometime years of neglect.

Detailing is a process of touching almost every aspect of the subject vehicle, removing foreign objects, and protecting that item from future contamination. Detailing, in many cases will leave the vehicle in better condition than when the owner took initial possession, as car dealers rarely or properly protect the vehicle exterior for the future owner, unless it is a service sold to the customer. Even with that, it is rare that the proper time is taken, to properly shine and protect the surfaces externally, or internally so the would vehicle continue to look great, and remain safe from RUST & and fading from the elements for months to come.

The benefits of detailing
*Added Longevity to the interior and exterior appearance
*Maintain a excellent resale value of the vehicle at trade-in time 
*Impresses friends and family with the attention to detail
*Renews the owners love for the vehicle they originally bought
*Increases profits for those detailing a used vehicle for sale
*Safe guards against a detail bill from the lease company

Just to highlight a few of the areas that result from a good detail, a few of the benefits include:
Complete cleaning & brightening of the wheels themselves, ALL dirt and grime are removed, brightened to enhance shine and protected with a wax or sealant to protect them from the elements.

The Tires are cleaned separately, once cleaned they are protected again the suns UV rays to resist against dry rot and to keep the tires more rubbery (If that’s a word)

The wheel wells behind the tires are completed cleaned free of dirt and all the grime thrown onto them by the tires. Again, returning this portion of the vehicle back to its original condition

These are ONLY a few on the probably 30 or so additional contact points touched and detailed during the exterior portion of the detail.

As for the interior, a few examples here would be:
The entry point of all doors are cleaned of all scuff marks, dirt and grime that settles in the door jambs.

All door plastic panels are relievd of any dirt of scuffs, shined to give the look of a fantastic luster, and finally each is protected, again against UV

Leather seats are typically cleaned free of skin oils, dirt from clothing and scuffs when possible, next they are conditioned with a solution that restores the softness and plyability that a good lether should have. Many people think that leather should be shiney, however its quite the opposite, a quality leather should look dull and soft. Anything else signifies eith false leather, or body oils that have been embedded into the material.

Of course the interior is completely vacummed, and in many cases shampooed as to remove surface dirt and that embedded into the carpeting. Again, these are ONLY a few of the 30 or so contact areas inside the vehicle that are addressed by detailing.

CONS of Detailing
As much as I would like to potray that there are NO downsides to having your vehicle detailed. (Which many do ONCE a year)
There are based on your prospective.

1 Time
Detailing an entire vehicle is a process, a process that takes time. a typical car wash takes 5 minutes in an automated car wash. A detail on the other hand can take as long as several days, depending on just how in-depth the owner needs. Recently I watched a video of a detail on a Porsche 911 which took over 40 hours !! But ever single aspect of that vehicle was cleaned, inclusing many of the components under the car as well.The car was being sold and was to be presented as in excellent condition. A typical detail with a Mobile Detailed such as us typical takes from 2-6 hours depending on the size and the services purchased by the owner.

2 Cost
Our least expensive detail starts at $130 for a small vehicle, and reaches as high as $500 for our extreme package on an extended SUV such at a Ford excursion or Chevy Suburban extened addition.

3 Convenience
Most acr detailers have shops. The owner is typically required to drop the vehcile off and return once they receive a call from the detailer. Obvisously, this, though needed is incredibly inconvenient for the customer. A great option to this is a Mobile detailer who would arrive at your home or office to execute the perfect detail.

Obviously a well executed etail has long lasting effects and with some simple mantenance can last as long a 6 months. The Car Cosmetics Mobile detailing Company offers inexpensive maintance subcriptions which allows the owner to get several mini details for as low as $50 in between details which at a minimum should be 1 – 2 times each year a vehicle is owned.